WTF Alert: Selena Gomez’s Super Creepy Wax Figure

I have never understood wax figures of celebrities. Do people really want to stand alongside some bizarre replica of their favorite celebrity? Why? You may be asking yourself that very question once you take a terrifying peek at Selena Gomez’s new wax work at Madam Tussauds right here in Manhattan. You’ve been warned…

Madame Tussauds New York To Unveil New, Never-Before-Seen Selena Gomez Wax Figure

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

BRB NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN. Whomever designed this replica clearly has a grudge against Sel since it looks nothing like her. Well no, that’s not quite true–it looks like a creepy alien version of Selena if she had a facelift and broke her nose. There’s just something very unwholesome and unnerving about that figure’s face. How did this happen? Wax figure creators work closely with the stars they’re imitating, taking tons of measurements and even doing a latex mask of their actual face.

I’m also totally confused about the outfit they put her in. Usually, they clothe a celeb in a look their known for, and I sincerely hope no one associates high-waist leather shorts and Amish schoolteacher boots from the 1800s with Selena.

Do you think that this wax artist did Selena’s beauty justice? Or is this one of the oddest wax figures you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Manuela Said:

    It’s not THAT bad. I mean…have you seen the 1D wax figures?

  2. Dismalhead Said:

    It’s got squirlly chipmunk cheeks that are too square. Other than that it’s really not bad.

  3. TYRONE Said:

    id do herLOL

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