WTF Alert: Sparrow Face

Forget duckface, darlings–the newest look amongst self-obsessed Instagrammers is sparrow face, a look that may just be more pretentious and annoying than its predecessor.

The look originated in Japan and has been dubbed chun-gao, literally translating to “chirp face.”┬áNote the slightly open mouth, the wide-eyed looked of faux innocence as if to say “Me? Oh I’m totes not posing right now–just a completely candid snapshot!”–is it any wonder that this pose has already swept through young Hollywood? Check out a few of the selfies I stumbled upon…

Kendall Jenner:

Kendall Jenner

Ashley Tisdale:

ashley tisdale

Kylie Jenner:

kylie jenner

Ariel Winter:

ariel winter


Ugh, darlings. Personally I don’t see much similarities to this pout and a baby bird waiting to be fed–if anything Miley Cyrus and her incessantly open mouth most closely resembles a squawking bird, don’t you think?

Tell me, dolls… what pose do you rock when you’re taking selfies? Is it a trendy one like this or something unique and your own? Spill it in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. Emily Michelle Said:

    Truthfully when I take selfies I try and smile big- my eyes look really nice when I do that. Ehhh this pose isn’t as annoying and basic bitch as a duckface but give it time I bet it will be.

  2. R Said:

    I smile :)

  3. S Said:

    Ive literally done this face like before it even had a name, when everyone was doing a duckface i was doing this

  4. MizzSweets Said:

    Note to all girls: Either face, makes you look obnoxious and ridiculous!
    P.S I don’t take selfies, I’m not conceited or obnoxious. But in pictures.. I smile :)

  5. Karen Said:

    Eh I don’t know… I don’t think this is meant to look like a candid shot, it’s obviously posed.. but it just looks good on people’s faces?

  6. Jennica Said:

    Personally, I just smile when I take selfies

  7. peace Said:

    Me, i just smile. But most of the time i try to do the duck-face thingy to see if it fits.

  8. Lovely Said:

    who cares how girls take selfies or if they take them? if you’re pretty you should enjoy it while it lasts

  9. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    When I take selfies it usually ends up in a video where I show my fat stomach and boobs then fart. It’s a good one. I post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Oh and for anyone who wants to date sexy and fabu, Fatty McBoobyFarty ;-)

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