WTF Alert: Rihanna’s Alleged Stalker Arrested

Ugh – I hate when Hollywood-style stalking crime comes to my stomping grounds of New York City! New Yorker Kevin Mcglynn went to trial on Friday after he was caught allegedly stalking Rihanna and leaving threatening notes at her apartment in SoHo.

Raphael Dias/Getty Images

According to a source, Mcglynn’s letters “repeatedly called her a b–ch,” and threatened to “bum (rush) in her apartment.”

Scary! I actually feel sorry for RiRi, even though not my favorite person in the style or Instagram decisions departments, because no one should feel unsafe in SoHo. Especially in an apartment that cost them $14-ish million.

When Mcglynn had his trial on Friday, he was apparently too agitated to even enter a plea, and instead was taken into custody to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Adding insult to injury, the judge overseeing the trial didn’t even know who Rihanna was. Ouch!

Someone show that judge Rihanna’s Instagram page, stat.

Stay safe, Rihanna!

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