you know you love me

For her seventeenth birthday, Blair wants what most girls only dream of: her boyfriend, Nate Archibald. First Nate, then Yale—B has it all figured out. But N has his own plans

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  1. test Said:

    bless you with regard to the certain weblog post ive truly been seeking with regard to this kind of advice on the net for sum time these days hence with thanks

  2. bereal Said:

    so I’m reading and to me it’s seems like they have a lot of juicy stuff . Is B ever going to find out what N did? Also is S going to snitch?

  3. amrey Said:

    wow she is strong

  4. pooja singh Said:

    I knew it from very early B was destined to be with chuck.they are perfect

  5. klove Said:

    who is gossip girl ??
    d s b c e little j ????

  6. callum Said:

    I thought love was only true in fairy tales love was out to get me that’s the way it seams disappointment haunted all my dreams

  7. callum Said:

    It is me I’m gossip girl

  8. jazmin Said:

    Love only happens in movies and its not even true they read what the have to say only very lucky people who find someone that will trust them make them happy help them cheer them up and make them feel like their the only one but sometimes it all goes away in a flash. Anyway I think that Nate and Jenny should have endedup together

  9. jazmin Said:

    Nate and Jenny should have ended up together

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