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Whether your summer is all about traveling to exotic places or lounging by the pool in the Hamptons, there’s one thing that should be in your hands at all times (well… two, if you count a cocktail): a good book. Gossip Girl novels by Cecily von Ziegesar are a perfect summer escape and look into the lives of your favorite Manhattan elite.

My minions picked out some of the books in the series that inspire travel and soaking up the sun. Check them out below, and tell us if you read them!

Which Gossip Girl book is your ultimate beach read? Tell me in a comment below, and find the whole series here!


  1. nikarosandic Said:

    Completely agreed, I have them all in my bag with me on my summer vacations and even though I’ve already read them all, I am reading them again from the first one while I’m at the beach :)

  2. Erika_xx Said:

    I’m italian and finally this morning I buy All I want Is Everything but it’s old :D Tomorrow I order the other books xx

  3. Cristina Said:

    I’m currently at the beach and I have to admit, Gossip Girl definitley boosts my elite-self.

  4. letylombardy Said:

    do you will come to brazil? pleeeeeease =[ I love GG so much

  5. Rinelle Said:

    Faison la peau a ces filles qui veulent nous piquer nos mec_marcelle et oskine méfiée vous De moi

  6. Talia Said:

    I love Gossip Girl!!!!

  7. s Said:

    I have started reading them and i enjoy them and the show i read them every summer.

  8. cayla m young Said:

    i love gossip girl and i just started whaching it it is to die for

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