Cute or Ew: Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez’s Relationship Continues

What happens in Italy, stays in Italy (or so I convinced my prep school nemesis before acquiring blackmail material for life). No one spread the word to Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, though, as the two have taken the less-than-secret romance from their Italian vacay back to the Hollywood Hills.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

My LA spies caught Zac walking out of Michelle’s home the morning after the two were out together (with a crowd that included Robert Pattinson). Z was toting an overnight bag during his walk of shame, meaning the pair has moved on to the level of planned sleepovers…but not yet clearing a drawer for Z’s belongings.

Neither party will admit anything romantic is going on, but will instead leave annoyingly cheeky messages for all to see. After the overnight, M posted “I meant to behave but there were too many other options” on her Instagram page. I mean…so Kendall Jenner.

Now, dolls, I’m not ready to declare them a “new summer couple,” because let’s be real: a sleepover does not a relationship make. M should cut it with the overnights until Z takes her on a proper date at whatever restaurant in that second-rate food town Los Angeles comes closest to Per Se (or, better yet, a jaunt to New York to dine at actual Per Se).

On the other hand, if she’s already resigned herself to not being a lady, what could being in a friends with benefits situation with Zac Efron really hurt? Not that I’m condoning the FWB state of the relationship, but if you’re going to be bad…you might as well be bad with Zac Efron, right?

Tell me: what do you think of this new quasi-couple, minions? Is it destined to last, or just residuals from a vacation fling?


  1. Kelly Said:

    I just think that it’s a weird “couple” (if we can call them like that) my reaction was just Mmh ok that’s weird

  2. Lisa Said:

    Hes just repeating a current shame using michelle. theres no proof its her house or that he was even there

  3. Brenda edward Said:

    They should carry_on but i can’t wait to hear of their wedding but it will be a damned stuff if they break up and maybe faith has brought them together

  4. jennifer Said:

    He’s so hot! I think it’s just a little fling…..they just don’t look right together. It will not last.

  5. Raina Said:

    Good on them ;) work hard, play harder lol

  6. Christine Said:

    I think their Relationship is cute Zac Efron Is So Hoot & Sexxxy.

  7. Christine Said:

    I think Zac efron & Michelle Are Cute Togethor Because Zac Efron Is So Hot.

  8. amy Said:

    I say it doesn’t matter what it looks like because they should be able to do what ever makes them happy.if this is it so be it.

  9. Kory Said:

    I think people should be with anyone who makes them happy and healthy. Who cares what they look like? It’s superficial and shallow to base anyone’s relationship entirely on looks. Yes. You have to be sexually attracted to whoever you’re with, but that’s not the ONLY reason why you’re with someone. Just because Zac is hot doesn’t mean he should ONLY be with someone who is also in his category only as a female. Tomboys deserve hot boys too.

  10. Nichole Said:

    To whom it concerns, Darlene’s great with the ball
    but guys don’t watch tomboys when they’re cruising the hall
    To whom it concerns, I just turned thirteen
    too short to be quarterback, too plain to be queen
    To whom it concerns, I’m not made of steel
    When I get blindsided, my pain is quite real
    I don’t mean to squawk, but it really burns
    I just thought I’d mention it, to whom it concerns

    (Not the whole poem. Google “Darlene’s Poem from Roseanne” if you want the whole thing)

  11. farrah. Said:

    ew. hes way out of her league.

  12. Mike Said:

    they are a weird couple. I love michelle, but Zac is young and gorgeous. I think he is just in a vulnerable state right now, dealing with the aftermath of drug addiction, and is slowly recovering his self confidence. Maybe Michelle proved to be a good companion for him in this stage. If physically that is what he likes then honey send him my way.

  13. Anonymous Said:

    I belive zac n vanessa are the best choice as a it is there choice,and whatever makes them truely happy.

  14. wil Said:

    they are each others beards-both gay-god its sooooo obvious
    but perfectly acceptable!!

  15. Shannx Said:

    Incase it slipped anyone’s mind Michelle bats for the other team she was not that long ago in a relationship with cara.d?

  16. Mrs Efron Said:

    odd couple. I always see Michelle with a huge-muscle-man-tough-guy-type like Vin Diesel And Zac with a pretty-in-pink-type of gal like Vanessa. :-)

  17. Lizzie Said:

    I think they are an odd couple, probably wont last long :) as soon as the passion cools up the will might as well see they are not right to be a couple. All the girls, fans of Zac Efron, I have an idea…we should make a facebook page filled with photos of real life boys who look similar to zac, that way we wouldnt envy so much, since zac is just one…no matter with who he ends up…face it…we will not like her :)) if you are interested and know a person that resambels to zac…let me know :D

  18. Lizzie Said:

    P.s. my boyfriend is like a copy of him but the improved version ;) he could be his double I think :D seriously , just doesnt have blue eyes :P

  19. midz Said:

    Well like you said, if youre gonna be BAD, it might as well be with Z, I mean we’re all adults here, just leave em alone ❤️

  20. Meagan Said:

    If they’re happy who is anyone to say anything about it? She’s a good girl who isn’t mixed up in bullshit and he needs someone who isn’t high maintenance. Why the hell is this article saying that Michelle isn’t a lady? Oh, Zach Efron can stay at her house no problem, but because this blogger doesn’t know if they’ve been on an actual date, Michelle is reduced to unladylike? Ridiculous. Get off your hypocritical high horse. Live and let live, Sheesh.

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