Daily Drool: Zac Efron Dances on Instagram…Again

I haven’t had such a case of déjà vous since 2013, when  I saw my boarding school nemesis parade around the New York City Ballet Fall Gala in the same dress I had worn to the Met Gala (even though I obviously wore it best). Just days after Zac Efron treated us to a Jason Derulo “Wiggle” dance-a-long on Instagram, he’s back with some more moves! This time, he’s lithely moving to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What.” Go on and watch it: you know you want to.

Now, I’m all for Zac wiggling and turning down on Instagram, but I’m starting to take issue with this rag tag bunch of nobodies serving as his summer vacation entourage. He should be spending time with Dave Franco, or, at the very least, James Franco. It’s a pretty bleak situation when Michelle Rodriguez is the other “famous” person in your crew.

So, thanks for the video, Zac, but please be mindful of the company you keep. You would hate to be put on the “straight to Blu Ray” track to non-fame.

What is your favorite Z Instagram video this week, dolls?


  1. sacha Said:

    FYI Gossip Girl, Gianluca Vacchi is not a nobody.. It’s not because he’s not a Hollywood poptart that he’s not famous. Good thing that Zac’s hanging out with some European people, no-namers are better than American no-brainers.

  2. Noémi Said:

    It is ” déjà vu” and not “déjà vous “.

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