Drool or Not: Zac Efron with Facial Hair

Minions. You know that I would dash out of my own wedding for merely a minute next to Zac Efron. But his latest magazine cover for Backpage is making me reconsider my alleged-eternal devotion to him. I could excerpt some of Z’s quotes from the interview, where he discusses his new flick The Paperboy, but it’s blah blah blah amazing director something something I’m soooo serious about my craft. Tres boring, mes cheries. 

I’m not sure what this security camera-type angle is all about, nor who lied to Zefron and told him that oh yes, creepy facial scruff is totes your look, but I’m not on board with either. But then again, Z’s baby blues make up for a multitude of styling sins, don’t you think?

Is this one of Zac’s better looks? Or does he need to stick to the baby face we know and love?



  1. rachb Said:

    This is an old picture of Zac. Have yall seen his LATEST pictures?! THAT’S how he really looks like. Well, this is my opinion.

  2. GossipCat Said:

    I’d say stick to baby face, Zac! Yes, your eyes are dreamy but the whole Orlando Bloom look doesn’t suit you, hun.

  3. teresakur101 Said:

    It’s cute on some people… People who haven’t starred in a kids movie… I think that we are all used to the amazing high school “Troy”. With his current short hair, just no FACIAL HAIR, girls will be drooling over him oh-so-much more .

    -xoxo Teresakur101

  4. hopperc4 Said:

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh total DROOL!!!!!!!!!!! Luvin the facial hair and normal hair! Best look yet.


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