Zac Efron’s $4 Million Party Palace

My darling Zac Efron has just purchased a $3.9 million home in L.A. but I’m hearing that the place is haunted… by ghosts of parties past! My friends over at TMZ discovered that just last year, Sean Kingston (he’s still a thing?) was residing in the bachelor pad and threw ragers with guests that included party people Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Soulja Boy. According to TMZ’s source, the events were so cray that guests had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

But the selling point of the home is that it’s very zen, private, and has views that overlook the city–sounds like my kind of place…I can only hope that Z isn’t tempted into throwing any parties that get him into trouble (considering his recent rehab news). If I were him, I’d stick to just one elite guest at a time. I would happily make myself available to come visit anytime, Zac. You know you love me. XOXO

Zac Efron Universal Pictures World premiere of NEIGHBORS



  1. Ines Said:

    I couldn’t even pay attention to what the text said with him looking super hot in that picture.

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