Are Zac Efron and Lily Collins Back On?

Spotted: Rumored exes Zac Efron and Lily Collins out a deux at a movie theater in LA this weekend, with Lil leaving in Zef’s car apres the flick.

Now, these two were never an official item–more like a few weeks of hooking up–but I wonder if Zac’s new-found sobriety is making him pursue Lily for realsies this time. While this couple would certainly make more sense than him and Nicki Minaj (I’m still reeling from that one), I just don’t think anyone is good enough for my precious Z. Except for yours truly, of course.

What do you think of my latest sighting? Just two pals seeing a movie or prelude to a full on romance?


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  1. Aly Said:

    Hmmmm still holding out for Zanessa to rekindle their romance.

  2. Arantxa Said:

    Jamily for ever

  3. Bella Said:

    Zac looks horrible.

  4. Sage Said:

    Zac looks very ill tbh.

  5. Ava Said:

    I just want Lilly and Jamie to get back together those two are my idols !!!!!

  6. wendy Said:

    they are both hollywood i guess its possible for any “ship” to sail

  7. Eleanor Said:

    I heard zac was bisexual?

  8. laura Said:

    Her eyebrows kinds wig me out…

  9. Blair Waldorf Said:

    They say love is the only thing you are never too old to find. That theory is confirmed by just sober Zac Efron. After the Nicki tornado, little Z has finally come to his senses and has just started meeting with our dear Lily Collins. Will love win this fight, or will another tornado come to frighten us all? XOXO

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