Daily Drool: Zac Efron at the Parkland Premiere

Good morning, Upper East Siders! Need a jolt of energy on this dreaded Monday? If your latte isn’t doing the trick, perhaps this photo of my beloved Zac Efron will. I spied him looking dapper and darling at the premiere of his new movie Parkland at the Toronto Film Festival.


The movie–about the hours immediately following President Kennedy‚Äôs assassination–will be released for your viewing pleasure on October 4. While the storyline does not necessarily make it the feel-good movie of the year, you do get to see Zefron playing a young doctor (aka the most handsome doctor ever). You know you love it.

Will you be seeing this flick or do you rather him in films where his character is required to have his shirt off? I know it’s a tough question, dolls. Think about it and get back to me. XOXO

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  1. atahan Said:

    is it his new movie ?

  2. Alexis Said:

    lol does that mean you are the old lady in the background?

  3. Alexis Said:

    lol sorry just me being funny

  4. Margo Said:

    Dear lord… that is one good looking man

  5. Sofie Said:

    Still looking so CUTE after High School Musical i cant believe it! Amazing

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