First Look: Zac Efron’s Raunchy New Movie!

If your day has been woefully devoid of Zac Efron’s butt, let me correct that for you, darlings. I have the trailer for Zef’s upcoming comedy “That Awkward Moment” and it ain’t a Nicholas Sparks story…

Z plays a guy who has sworn to stay single in solidarity with his bros, but–OH MY GOSH NEVER SAW THIS COMING–ends up falling for a girl, played by Imogen Poots, who has the worst name I’ve ever heard. In any case, the flick, which was originally titled “Are We Officially Dating?” (a name I like better, actually) looks quite funny but perhaps not exactly the most high-brow stuff of Zac’s career.

Do you prefer Z as a sweet, sensitive leading man a la The Lucky One, or do you love seeing his naughty side–and his backside?

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  1. missmew Said:

    he’s awesome in any role.. but seems like I’m use to him as a charmer which he ends up being in the end of this film.

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