WTF Alert: Zac Efron’s Weirdest Fan Gift

Zac Efron Premiere Of Focus Features' "That Awkward Moment"


It’s so hard for me to imagine ever sending a celebrity anything in the mail. Why, I can just give it to them myself when I see them at parties and events. But even so, it’s usually not physical items. It’s more kisses on the cheek, or if I don’t like them, an under-the-breath insult. You know you love me.

But some fans who don’t have the kind of access I do rely on the good old US Postal Service to correspond with their favorite actors and musicians. Surprisingly, sometimes the mail actually makes its way to the celebs and often they are left completely horrified.

Case in point, Zac Efron, who revealed his creepiest fan gift was a piece of skin. A. Piece. Of. Skin... That’s like something right out of an Upper East Side murder mystery. No thank you.

Check out the full interview with Zac and his That Awkward Moment co-star Miles Teller on Conan to find out how my precious Zacky reacted to the horrific gesture:

See more super weird celeb fan gifts below! Which one do you think is the craziest?

Ed Sheeran

"Someone cooked it in a cake, a big clump of hair. Don't ask me how I found it out... I tried to eat it.”

Photo Credit: WENN

Zayn Malik

"A Borat mankini."

Photo Credit: WENN

Avril Lavigne

"The dead rabbit I got sent in Japan."

Photo Credit: WENN

Kelly Clarkson

"Big giant bra which I only dream I could fill up."

Photo Credit: WENN

Robert Pattinson

"I quit smoking the other day and didn't even really realize that I'd said anything about it. I've been chewing these f***ing toothpicks all the time. Someone noticed in Cannes and literally the next day in Lisbon, then in Paris and in Berlin there were about 20 people on the red carpet giving me huge amounts of toothpicks. Thousands of them."

Photo Credit: WENN



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