Zac Efron’s Comedy Club Catastrophe

It’s rare that a male celeb will have a diva moment but when they do, they really do it right. One of my eagle-eyed spies spotted Zac Efron sauntering into The Stand comedy club in Manhattan and causing quite the commotion. Z was on hand to check out sets by Jerrod Carmichael and Aaron Berg, but ended up being the main attraction himself thanks to his irritating and anything-but-subtle entourage.

zac efron  NEIGHBORS


“Zac’s bodyguard was giving everyone a hard time,” dished a source to PageSix. “He was keeping everyone from taking pictures and they were trying to get a floor plan of the venue to figure a way to get him out the back. It’s not that big a place.”

I’m sure the comics, though glad an A-lister turned up to hear their jokes, did not appreciate Zef taking the spotlight off them. At least I wouldn’t. But then again, no matter what celeb storms into the room, I always stay the center of attention. You know you love me…XOXO.

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