Scene & Heard: Zac Efron’s Sexy Secrets!

Remember once, long long ago, when the world thought that Zac Efron was a wholesome, chaste, all-American boy? Well darlings, he wasn’t–even then. Zef admits that he was a naughty little devil back in high school when he and his then-GF had some…adventures, shall we say…

In a different interview, Zac said that he’s still up for unexpected trysting spots and made it clear that if you ever stop by his house, bring some Clorox wipes!

Zac Efron Universal Pictures World premiere of NEIGHBORS


“You have to explore the space,” he giggled. “I’m a big fan of the kitchen table.”

Darlings, I’ll let you have a moment or two to just let that visual image sink in.

Have you recovered yet? Good. Because I want to know a few things: one, do you plan on seeing his new movie, That Awkward Moment? I hear that it used to be titled Are We Officially Dating? and I must say I like that name far better, don’t you? Two, just how many girls do you think Z has, ahem, “entertained” atop his kitchen table (and who knows where else) in the last few years? And three, do you think there’s any chance whatsoever of Z and Vanessa Hudgens getting back together? Tell me your thoughts, minions…XOXO.


  1. GoodListings Said:

    I also here from a few of my West Hollywood Friends that a few guys have been on/at that table too! So I think Z has a lot more to his story he has not told you yet!

  2. Kaylee Said:

    Love you Z

  3. Oh please Said:

    Ohhhh please no guys have been anywhere! It isn’t every dashing Hollywood male that is gay. Tom C, Keith U, etc. yeah maybe them but not Zac he is a hunk and straight got it!

  4. Brooklyn Said:


  5. Meaghan Said:


  6. Nicole Said:

    Lol well everyone has their fetishes


  7. gossip geak Said:

    lol i just love gossip and yes i do think that z and vanessa could get back together and also i have seen the film and is AMAZING i loved it but i thought that the other tittle suits it better

  8. Hannah Said:

    I can imagine Z on top of the kitchen table, but not so much with Vanessa, i dont think they will get back together either because shes with Austin & they look like they are in love.

  9. Reviwer Said:

    It’s weird to see Zac doing this, but i guess we were all wild in high school. Right? I bet Zac didn’t share everything him and his GF did but that was pretty explanatory. Thank you Zac for telling us what you did in your kitchen in high school with your GF. -XOXO

  10. ianamary Said:

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