Zayn Malik’s Adorable Disney Birthday!

Most rich and famous gents would celebrate their 21st birthdays with a new yacht, a second Bugatti or a case full of Omega watches. At least the lads I know, anyway. But One Direction’s resident good boy Zayn Malik had something a little more wholesome in mind: Disneyland!

I hear that his fiancee (ugh) Perrie Edwards whisked him away to Disneyland Paris for a not-so-rough-and-rowdy outing.

zayn malik perrie edwards


“They are kids at heart,” a friend revealed to Us Weekly, dishing that when these two finally do decide to wed (double ugh) they’ll “run off and do it–then they’ll Instagram shots afterward.”

Instagram pictures of your wedding? SHUDDER. I’m sorry but did Queen B upload pics of her nuptials with some dreadful “#mrsbass” hashtag? No darlings she did not.

Personally I think these two should tie the knot on TV, if only because I think people should be reminded of how odd Perrie’s voice is and Z could do much better with someone else (me).

Tell me minions, is it cute or ew that these two celebrated in such a low-key way? If you were P, how would you have feted Zayn’s big day? Tell me all about it darlings…XOXO.


  1. Bailey Said:

    Zayn and Perrie are perfect together and he couldn’t find a better girl to have as a fiancée.

  2. Baby Said:

    That was actually really sweet!

  3. Lau Said:

    Couldn’t agree more with the “ugh’s”.

  4. Anmol Said:

    Well, tbh if I was P I would have done the same. It was totally so cute. Afterall they had a great time right!

  5. Ella Said:

    That was actually nice.

  6. Naïma Said:

    Personnaly, I think their ” love ” isn’t real. Just look at Z when he looks at Liam, you’ll have the answer. Hope they’ll be able to be together without any problems if Ziam and if Zerrie is… Congratulations to them.

  7. Ella Said:

    But to Instagram pictures of the wedding?! ugh

  8. Krista Said:

    They are super private about their relationship and they barely wanted to tell the story about how he asked her to marry him. I think they should be able to do what they want without being judged. If it’s a mistake, it’s their mistake:)

  9. Shabnam Said:

    I think that it was great they went to Disneyland . And perrie has an amazing voice. I think they should get married.

  10. RiRi Said:

    GG you are sooooo late on your news, it wasn’t Perrie who took Zayn to DIsneyland, and it wasn’ on his Birthday. It was Zayn who took Perrie on a romantic Disneyland trip to Paris….check your facts! and They are cute together, and if they want to get married in private so bullied and loosers like you don’t find some lame insult about it then they’ll do it! Maybe you should stop bulling other couples and start lookin for yours(lets hope you find someone who wants you…)

  11. samantha Said:

    he’s engaged get this in your fucking mind (me) really get a life if their love was really fake he wouldn’t have proposed and if your looking for a couple to insult you should actually consider hating on some other chick with no life ohh and if you think a trip to disney is stupid then think again ughh……) ohh and don’t bother to email with your bullshit

  12. Ελενη Said:

    they are the cuttest coyple ever..!! Also Zayn took Perrie to Disneyland not for hiw b-day but for a romantic trip..!!! <3 also
    perrie has an amazing voise like Zayn their voise are a coyple also.
    x0x0 kisses

  13. The Bag Report Said:
  14. Anet Said:

    OMG, people seriously? I really dislike these comments about how GG should get a life n so on… these articles are funny, if u dont like them, dont read them, or just say your opinion on the situation :) I wanna go to DL with Zayn, so romantic :P

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