WTF Alert: Zayn Malik Eats Harry Styles’ Candy Thong

As you know, darlings, I have spies everywhere, and that even includes Ohio. They might have grumbled and moaned about having to go to the One Direction concert to fill me in on any dirt the boys might be keeping secret, but my, oh my, did my girls uncover something so terrifying and odd that it made the evening a success (even if they were surrounded by the high-pitched screams of Directioners the whole night.)

Apparently Zayn Malik and Harry Styles had a little moment together on stage. It consisted of Harry putting on a candy thong and Zayn taking a playful bite out it. Hmmm… something tells me this isn’t the first time they’ve been there. Wink, wink… Watch the video below and tell me if you were totally turned on by their scene on stage or if you’re going to be up all night trying to get this image out of your head! XOXO


  1. Sarah Said:

    I Knew The Boys Were Digusting Pervs… And Accepted It… But This? It’s Low… Even For Them…. Totally Gross

  2. don donaldson Said:

    It’s hilarious how gay these boy bands always are.

  3. Nigaletta Said:

    I want to eat your thong

  4. Shauni Said:

    They weren’t the ones who brought the thong and threw it up on the stage.

  5. Antidoll Said:

    Hajajajahajahaha they’re SO GAY!

  6. bobi_1Directioner_xoxo Said:

    I love One Direction. They’re soooo cute boy in the world. I adore them. I am directioner 4ever and ever
    Xoxo gossip girl

  7. bobi_s_69_xoxo Said:

    Love 1D. Theu`re so cute boy. I adore them, i am directioner 4ever and ever 4ever and ever. And love gossip girl.

  8. 1D_forever Said:

    This is soooooo funny.I love one direction and this is sooooo natural to me

  9. Blair Said:

    This guys are SO GAYS! they think they can rule the world just for singing but they don’t THEY SUCK!!!!! and i don’t get why they have so manny “fans” for they being “close friends”!!! (thats not cool)

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