:( of the Day: Meet Zayn Malik’s Girlfriend, Perrie Edwards

Le ugh, darlings. With all this chatter about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift coupling up, I simply couldn’t bear the thought of yet another One Direction hottie being taken off the market too. But alas, it has come to my attention that Zayn Malik is irritatingly happy with girlfriend Perrie Edwards, a singer in some band called Little Mix, which I cannot be bothered to Google.

I can be bothered to pick apart her appearance at 1D’s concert in NYC this weekend–obviously. I admire her attempt to look “edgy” and “cool” in the face of dating a boybander but darling, those violet locks seriously clash with your cluttered complexion. But FINE I suppose they look happy and all that nonsense. I’ll give her my least threatening smile the next time I see her.

Do you think Z could do better than this faux-punk rocker? Or are you just happy to see him so in love…even if it’s not with you?

zayn malik perrie edwards


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