WTF Alert: Zayn Malik’s Tattoo of His Girlfriend’s Face

File this tidbit under H for Huge Mistake, darlings. One Direction hottie Zayn Malik has immortalized his love for girlfriend Perri Edwards by inking her face on his arm. 


Why. Why why why why?!

Not only is this a horrible idea but it’s not even a graceful tattoo! Look closely: Perrie is festooned in jeans, a peace-sign tee (ugh) and a beanie. A beanie! At least immortalize your beloved in a graceful Vera Wang gown!

But then again, this terrible tat fits well with the rest of Zayn’s questionable ink, which includes a bomb on his arm (because he’s “da bomb”–I can’t) and an eye-rollingly lame Yin-Yang symbol on his wrist.

Will the day come when Z seriously regrets putting Perrie on his body? Or do you believe that their love will indeed last another 70 years?



  1. Claudia Said:

    To be quite honest, I think that this love will not last even for the next month, given all the Zayne-Harry stuff. One of them will secretly confess the love for the other.
    This tatoo is just a lame excuse to hide the feelings he has for Harry.

  2. Isabel Land Said:

    Just because someone gets a tattoo, doesn’t make it a horrible mistake. And the lads goof around all the time and do things that make them seem gay. The fact that everyone is bashing him for the tattoo is absolutely ridiculous. He loves her. GET THE HELL OVER IT.

  3. Ruth Said:

    He may love Perri, but her face on his arm is a bit weird. Am I right?
    I don’t think this was a very good tattoo choice, sorry. If their relationship ends, he’s stuck with her face.
    And Zayn is definitly not homo for Harry.

  4. Nad Said:

    Euh ! Perrie’s style is actually jeans-shirt-beanie.. Zayn has immortalized his love as she is, not as YOU want her to be !

  5. Stacy Said:

    His tattoo’s are for him not anybody else. Anybody that knows people who get’s tattoo’s know they all have special meaning to that person. Some don’t even like to share what they mean. So, everybody who has an opinion mind your own business. It isn’t your body nor are you his lover so hush. He is in love and I think it is a nice sentiment. It isn’t for us to judge if their relationship will last. Nobody knows the truth of anything but them.

  6. Jasmine Said:

    He is an amaZAYN and a really sweet boyfriend….His tattoo shows his love for his girlfriend

  7. Sardis Said:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW zayn is so sweet he basically is saying that they will be together forever how adorable i wish my boyfriend would do that

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