Hot Mess: Zendaya at the BET Awards

Last night I was stuck in post-Hampton’s traffic, so I missed watching the BET Awards…and judging by Zendaya Coleman’s absolutely awful outfit, I’m glad that I did. Observe:

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Let’s break down the horror from top to bottom.

1. That hat. I don’t recall ever seeing a hat without some sort of logo or design. Not that I mind the absence of YOLO or DOPE emblazoned on her headwear, but it’s just odd.

2. Those braids. Plaits aren’t for everyone, darlings. If you don’t have ultra-thick locks then braids look like rat tails, as Z so sadly proves.

3. The actual outfit. One part basketball warm up suit, one part prom dress, this looks like something a very lonely and bored teen would make on at home. Ugly, unflattering and totally nonsensical, I hate everything about this “style.”

4. Those shoes. Tacky, cheap and they don’t go with the sporty vibe of her outfit. But then again, what would have?

Overall, this look just may be one of Z’s worst, and that’s really saying something. Speaking of questionable decisions, Z has dropped out of the Aaliyah biopic after considerable backlash about a slew of things including her un-Aaliyah-like looks, her skin color, her age, and especially her decision to re-record A’s songs herself.

“Because it’s someone that I honor and I respect so much, it has to be 128 percent, especially for all her fans, including myself,” Zendaya said on her way into the BET Awards. “I didn’t feel like it was all the way there, so I didn’t want to do that. And when the time comes when it’s done right and it’s 100 percent, by all means, I will be the first person there ready to go.”

Do you think Z was right to walk if the movie wasn’t up to par? Or is she just being a brat and should’ve felt lucky to have landed the part at all?


  1. Karina Said:

    Leave her alone, for God’s sake!

  2. Jeannie Said:

    I think your comments are disgusting. She is a young woman and can wear whatever she damn well pleases. This is not an Ugly outfit to her. As you are sitting there typing up your blog in sweatpants who are you to judge? This is why our youth bully. They take comments like this to their schools and pick on the few that are easy targets. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  3. Ben Said:

    I think her and her outfit look amazing. Shoes slightly out of place but no where near the colossal mistake you make it to be.
    Nice to see someone changin it up and wearing what THEY like. Its fresh

  4. Lily Said:

    You’re just a hater. Honestly, why does her outfit bother you, she’s not a little kid anymore, she can make her own choices, and you’re probably one of those fat people who take shots at fit young ladies like her because you’re not happy with yourself.”That hat. I don’t recall ever seeing a hat without some sort of logo or design” are you stupid or just mentally affected, whats wrong with trying something new. Her outfit isn’t ugly, that just a reflection of your face on the screen.

  5. Mel Said:

    She actually quit because Aaliyahs manager/people/family didn’t know that there was going to be a movie so she opted out.

  6. joblo Said:

    The only thing I don’t like is the hat: it’s too big and a baseball cap as formal wear?

  7. Blair Said:

    Her outfit is absolutely horrifying! She’s a hot, ghetto, ratchet mess straight out of a 2002 Missy Elliott music video. She’s trying way too hard. I couldn’t agree with you more. FYI the comments on here are super stupid. It’s like you’ve never experienced Gossip Girl before. smh. Having an opposing view doesn’t automatically make someone a hater. She’s entitled to dress like a swap meet mess, and GG is entitled to her opinion! Don’t like it, don’t read! Like someone forced you to this page…

  8. Suze Said:

    Come on, the whole outfit looks like it’s part of a Gaga theme party. People, get over it, she looked “not so great” to put it mildly. It’s GossipGirl, she talks smack, that’s why we’re all here. If you don’t agree, just click the little “x” and bye!

    I don’t like the ensemble. It’s a horrible shade of blue. I kinda like her hair. It reminded me of the 90’s. And maybe some sneaker wedges would have gone better. But anyways… it isn’t my problem. >.<

  9. Genessa Said:

    The skirt and shoes were horrible, the rest was cute. Her braids look fine, btw! I think she’s smart for dropping the Aaliyah role, especially considering Aaliyah’s family didn’t want it to happen. It was the respectful thing to do.

  10. Clary Said:

    The comments on here are hilarious? Yeah you can like her (I dont see why she’s annoying as fuck) but do you actually like her outfit? Gossip Girl is supposed talk shit about people what else do you expect? Saying that it’s horrible to call her outfit bad is like saying you’ve never commented on an outfit you like to a persons face or behind their back. I’m betting you all have so calm down it’s a horrible outfit and I agree 100% with what gossip girl said

  11. Victoria Said:

    There are far worse outfits out there than this, I kind of like it besides the jacket (what really is horrible), the shoes are a bit out of place and I don’t these kind of hats but if you really think a logo would fit with this outfit you’re worse than Zendaya. Her braids aren’t that bad, they don’t look like “rat tails” at all, but come on name a better hairstyle for this outfit if you can. How would you know if the shoes are cheap? Shoes can be ugly no matter theire price or brand.

  12. Jewels Said:

    Back in the 90s this was HOT! I would have killed for an outfit like this.

  13. G Said:

    To all of u saying:”stop hating” or “ur just mean,dont u have better things to do?!”…
    you obviously didn’t watch the show this website is based on because GOSSIP GIRL IS SUPPOSED TO BE MEAN!!!Thats the point of her(?)!

  14. Linda Said:

    Everybody Has Their Own Opinion , If You Don’t Like It You Don’t Like If You Do You Do . Personally , iThink The Shoes Didn’t Exactly Go With Her OutFit . Her Hair Was Beautiful , But The Skirt Had Too Much Goingg On With It , iMean The Whole Side Black Ruching Looking Thing on The Side Was Just Horrific iThink , But If You liked It Then You Liked It . Btw The Hat Just Worsened The Outfit !


  15. Cece Said:

    No she doesn’t have better things to do you idiots she’s gossip girl! She’s probably a group if people at alloy entertainment! And stop saying she’s a hater, she’s supposed to be. And rly, do u rly like the outfit? It horrible. I like zendaya kinda, but her fashion sense is sometimes…. not good. Gossip girl isn’t just some random teen girl bashing everyone, she’s a tv show. If you don’t like this blog, get off it.

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