Hot Mess: Zendaya Coleman at Fashion Week

As you know, darlings, NY Fashion Week occurs twice a year–once in September when anyone who’s anyone is in attendance, and again in February, when the fashionable masses prefer to be sunning themselves in St. Barths versus stomping around the tents–myself included. In other words, very few celebs turn up. So it was rather noteworthy when my minion saw Zendaya Coleman backstage at the Pamela Rolland show.

But her outfit has got to go…

zendaya coleman


Typically, a designer will send over an outfit for a star to wear to their show and thus be photographed in. But had this contraption arrived on the doorstep of my manse, I’d have sent back before you could say “fashion don’t.”

While I’m not usually a fan of crop tops, I don’t totally hate this ensemble–I just hate how Z accessorized it. The clunky booties don’t work, neither does her straight-from-spin-class headband and bun. Ditto with the mismatching cheap-looking clutch and lame Ann Klein-esque watch. On a different fashionista, with a different closet full of accessories, this look may have worked.  But sorry Z, you get an F.

Do you like her NYFW style or is she trying too hard to make fetch happen?


  1. rachel Said:

    You’re insane. She looks gorgeous. The only thing trying too hard is this blog.

  2. Liz Graham Said:

    I disagree with you on this being a hot mess. The thing about Zendaya’s style that’s interesting is that she makes things that wouldn’t work for anyone else work for her. She definitely made this look work.

  3. Kati Farkas Said:

    I agree and disagree with you Gossip Girl. I love her outfit because it is bold and futuristic. The see through mesh fabric makes the outfit elegant enough to wear out, which is a nice change from seeing those super trashy crop tops that just show everything.

    She definitely needs new accessories though. Not a watch, but a simple bracelet or two. Clutch is okay, because of the color contrast. And the shoes need to go asap. Heels would have completed the outfit!

  4. niah Said:

    she looks a hot mess!!!! maybe if she would’ve put some red bottoms on and not those boot heels!!! the dress is gorgeous but Z doesn’t have the ability to rock this with her accessories. she is too colorful and this dress is neutral.

  5. skyler Said:

    look u might think this u might think that but GG is always right so i don’t care what others think what gg thinks is what i think i’m her biggest minion and i won’t let haters or diagreers if that’s a word come in ur way gg is right and it’s her website and if you came to find gossip then stop arguing alright!!!!!!

  6. Gossip Lover Said:

    Poor Zendaya, I have to agree with GG. That is a hot mess. But maybe not even hot? So sad that she wants do dress like this on this kind of events..

  7. ianamary Said:

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  8. Amy Said:

    It’s horrible. She’s gorgeous, but this is awful.

  9. renee Said:

    I would like it more if the top didn’t come up to her chin (off the shoulder or boatneck would be better IMO) and the bottom had a better fit. I like the mesh, its different. A pencil skirt with that material on the bottom would be cool. She looks great! Awesome lip color too.

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