Hot Mess: Zendaya Coleman at the Kid’s Choice Awards

Despite being only 17, Zendaya Coleman was still one of the oldest stars at the Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend–it was seriously the who’s who of the “I don’t have my period yet” crowd–so one would think that Z would have more fashion, style, and experience than her fellow KCA attendees…but no.

zendaya coleman


I’m just…not even sure what’s happening here. It wouldn’t even be passable for a family picnic let alone an awards show. To be clear, this wasn’t a jorts-and-Wet-Seal-tee kind of event. Everyone else turned up in dresses and snappy little ensembles. Did Zendaya think she was too cool to abide the dress code, darlings?

Had Zen merely swapped out those jean shorts (cannot shudder enough about those) with a poufy skirt, she would’ve perhaps looked retro and maybe been able to pull off that footwear situation, although I doubt it–socks-with-heels can only ever work with much thinner socks, and even then, it looks silly 99% of the time. At the very least, a skirt would have balance out her strong shoulders and created a more fun, feminine look.

What’s your take on Z’s fashion faux-pas? Is she just a footwear swap away from a cute style or is this whole look in need of a good sliming?

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  1. rly? Said:

    I think she is missing being a child, that top, and that hair? – Dayumn gurl, you didnt. Oh well, lets talk about the socks and shoes, i actually think it looks pretty good, but thats what i think.

    Her hair does totally not fit her style! Maybe curles would look better.

    - Dear readers, comment this is not interesting stuff without your comments.

    xoxo RLY.

  2. Suzanne Said:

    those are chanel! i’m not a fan of a whole look (it isn’t THAT terrible though) but i belive that our dear karl knew perfectly what he was doing while designing the shoes and the thickness of the socks…

  3. Savanna Said:

    What a hot mess Z! I dont even wanna know where that t-shirt is from.
    Love Z tho.

  4. Sevetlana Said:

    Dear minions,
    I dont recommend you to follow this look if you dont want to end in Joans Worst Dressed of the Week.
    I don’t think the shoes are bad but the whole outfit is terrible.
    To begin with, the tee is not good at all. The pearls look like they were glued into the t-shirt. The jean shorts are okay tho but definitely not for this occasion. She just tried to put a Serena VanderWoodsen casual look and couldn’t make it.
    Sorry Z, next time try asking Lily V for advice.


  5. Maryxoxo Said:

    Chanel shoes ( ont shoes with stocks) gossip girl should Know That

  6. Mia Said:

    Wake up call hon. YOU LOOK LIKE A MESS! Your hairstyle doesn’t go with your outfit AND on top of that you use heels with (school like may I say) socks… this outfit belongs only in one place. The bin.

  7. Nicolette Said:

    Ew. Hot mess. Zendaya’s always trying to be quirky but it just doesn’t suit her. Thick socks with flats never go, unless they’re knee-highs and you’re in a prep school. Maryxoxo, in this situation, it doesn’t even matter if the shoes are Chanel. They look cheap and boring.

  8. Hanna Said:

    You’re embarrassing yourself gossip girl. Calling a Chanel shoe a “faux pas”.. Start learning fashion before you judge people on their outfit

  9. Whatever Said:

    Tbh I for real love this look. The shoes are so adorable and are sort of like those old fifty style shoes with a modern twist. I love the shorts with the top as it is KCAs remember and not some high fashion event. She’s classy and beautiful and I do not understand why you people have to agree with what GG says every time I mean for real be individual.

  10. Meg Said:

    it’s not that bad. In Poland some of the adult men wear socks (of different colour, pattern and thickness) with flip flops or sandals.
    In comparison to that she looks really chic!

  11. Johnny Said:

    hey my dear friend, it isn’t horrible like what you are thinking. you dont know, she is very fashionable. she doesn’t wear sock with heel. it’s CHANEL. and her shoes are very Mabulous… Don’t you??
    As i know, she is wearing a Chanel pearl necklace….;))

  12. Vj Said:

    obviously the writer of this article has no sense of fashion. he pointed out the socks i think it’s good, an innovation for fashion i just dont like the top it looks cheap.

  13. German Said:

    Although those shoes are Chanel they are horrible! Some people should stop focussing on the designers name and use their sense of fashion…

  14. R Said:

    Socks on heels are pretty common in Japan.

  15. Kelvin Said:

    This is the first fashion critic to condemn this look which can only mean one thing; he/she needs to go back to school…Z looks totally adorbs in this ensemble and so flawless..perfect summer look…go girl

  16. Kalisha Said:

    Oh god, this outfit is so wrong!, and whoever thinks this is acceptable or even looks good needs to get their eyes checked. The top, the shorts, the socks , the hair! She is just a mess and not even a hot one!

  17. Fashion Expert Said:

    Oh my. I think she is just trying to hard to be a fashion icon. I mean like she is just not at that level yet. But Chanel shoes with those socks? Oh even lady gaga knows better. And that shirt looks like something you buy from Claire’s. This outfit is just too kiddy and is trying to hard. But this is a no no for any award show. Even a kids award show.

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