Zendaya To Play Aaliyah in New Biopic

It’s only fitting that a songbird with one name has been tapped to play another songbird with one name, don’t you think my dears? I hear that Zendaya has won the lead role in an upcoming Lifetime TV biopic of singer Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in the Bahamas when she was just 22. Ah, I remember watching Aaliyah’s video when I was just a girl and even then envying her abs and the way she made shiny plastic pants work.


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And PS did you know R.Kelly (allegedly) married Aaliyah when she was just 15? I can’t¬†with that information.¬†Anyway, Zen has made no secret of her love for Aaliyah, often referencing her on Instagram. Why, she even went so far as to create this faux photo of them together…

Aaliyah and Zendaya


Aw, cute. And also kind of creepy.

But Z will do more than just strut around in A’s signature crop tops and dark lipstick–she’ll actually be re-recording four of Aaliyah’s songs. Zendaya’s own music career seems to be taking off as her new single “Replay” has sold over a million copies!

In my mind, I like to imagine there’s a popularity war between “Shake It Up” stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne, and it seems to me that Z is clearly in the lead. Do you think Z will kill it as the dearly departed hip-hop princess? Or do you see zero similarities between these two?


  1. Nancy Said:

    I totally agree with you Gossip girl!
    Z and Bella started being famous the same time, because of the same show, so there’s for sure a competition. My personal favourite is Zendaya, and I think she is capable of her new job. She’s great.

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