Spoiler Alert: Serena Gets a New Nemesis

Zoe Aggeliki and Blake Lively Gossip Girl

Photo Credit: IMDB; The CW

Looks like there’s a new bitch in town! And according to Hollywood Life, she’s set to be Serena van der Woodsen’s enemy! French model Zoe Aggeliki will be joining the cast in its sixth and final season to play Natasha, the sister of Serena’s love interest (see more about her new guy Steven Spence played by Barry Watson here).

Think she’ll be as tough as BĂ©atrice Grimaldi, the sister of Louis who Blair had to deal with when she was dating the prince? We can only hope she brings the drama!

A fun fact about Zoe is that she was also a major contender to play Johanna Mason in Catching Fire but lost the role to Jena Malone. One thing’s for sure… the arena is truly no match for the Upper East Side. Do you think the odds are in her favor to survive Manhattan’s elite? Tell us in a comment below! And leave your ideas for what kind of trouble this new character can stir up!


  1. Tutuuuus Said:

    are you kidding?Serena is the one .Nobody can take her place ahahah loser

  2. tanya_blackwell Said:

    Ugh..she looks like a whore, and Serena is so elegant,sweet,kind..:)

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