Hot Mess: Zoe Saldana at the Star Trek Premiere

Well well well…seems that someone has seen The Great Gatsby, n’est ce pas darlings? Zoe Saldana did her best Daisy Buchanan with a diaphanous tiered Rodarte dress at the premiere of her new Star Trek movie but I must say she failed spectacularly.

zoe saldana


I’ve never been a fan of nude hues and this dress is why–it’s way too similar to her own skin tone, making Zoe look like she’s some coffee-colored snake shedding its skin. Plus, its sheer bodice is tacky and unflattering. The shoes add nothing and neither does her hair. All in all, this wannabe Art Deco look is better left in the 20s… do you agree?

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  1. Regina Said:

    Dear Zoe, I don’t think u knew it was ST premiere. Seemed like u were going to dance flamenco. Besides,you can do better than a bunch of old rags from ur granny. XX

  2. Nicole Said:

    The only person who it is okay to wear the thrift shop dress for $20 is Macklemore. Burn this.

  3. Mariam Said:

    OMW… WTF was she thinkin?? Does she not own a mirror?? I wudnt wear even if it was the only dress hangin in my closet..

  4. 新作 グッチ Said:

    i like the post

  5. モンブラン 万年筆 Said:


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