WTFashion: Zosia Mamet’s Hot Mess PJs-Inspired Jumpsuit

One thing about New York Fashion Week, darlings, is that if you decide on attending any of the events, you are signing up to be judged by what you choose to wear that day, even more so than usual. And if you fail, you really fail in front of the fashion industry’s elite. So why Girls star Zosia Mamet chose to wear this to a NYFW party is beyond me.

Wear do I even begin, dolls? Let’s start with the print. Was it designed by those Magic Eye books? I feel like if I stare into it long enough, I will start to see a 3D object. And the shape of the jumpsuit reminds me of pajamas. No wonder she chose those hideous slippers… poor thing thought she was going to bed instead of a Fashion Week party.

There’s clearly no saving this look or Zosia’s sense of style. I’d rather use my precious time to find the optical illusion in that pattern. Is that a skull and cross-bone…?! XOXO


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  1. Bri Said:

    It looks like her boobs are all the way down to her stomach…

  2. Kate Said:

    My eyes!!!

  3. Suzanne Said:


  4. Ida Said:

    Bri : exactly what I thought x)

  5. SpaghettiSNARFLER Said:

    Where’s the rest of the ghillie suit?

  6. Hannah Said:

    Hi Mrs. SaggyBoobs! Would you like our new product? It’s called Un-SaggyBoob! Or you could jusr wear a good dress, Mrs. SaggyBoobs.

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