Hot Mess: Zosia Mamet at the Savages Premiere

As a native New Yorker, my darlings, I loathe to sit through the odiously unfunny hipster series Girls, mostly because I refuse to believe that those four femmes couldn’t find anything less atrocious to wear as they shuffled around Brooklyn. But at least, that’s just their on-set wardrobe, right?

Non, mes cheries. I spied Zosia Mamet, who plays neurotic virgin Shoshanna, at the Savages premiere looking like a ’70s housewife. Even ZM herself seems horrified by her outfit…do you disagree? What would you wear if you knew you’d have to share the spotlight with a bombshell like Blake Lively?

zosia mamet savages premiere



  1. Jayy_Myah Said:

    Completely disgusting. I couldn’t even stand scrolling by it to get here to the comment part. Who told her that outfit was ok? Obviously not GG and if her friends did, sorry love but you need a new set of friends because they want you to look your worst when you need to be looking, some-what presentable. Sigh. Maybe next time you can redeem yourself.


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