Adam Levine Apologizes To His Exes

Did you date Adam Levine? If you answered yes, my dears, you may want to turn your phone on silent. I hear that Adam, who is engaged to Behati Prinsloo, is going on a tour of contrition before saying “I do” and apologizing to ex girlfriends like Anne V and Nina Agdal for being a heartless douche.

“He apologized for how he treated them,” dished a spy. And as you recall, he did not treat them well… I hear that he dumped Nina by simply ignoring her calls and then told her he was engaged via text. Shudder.

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And while Adam no doubt feels that his mea culpa is tres mature, the ladies aren’t having it.

“They couldn’t care less he wants to make it right,” sniped another insider. I don’t blame Adam’s exes–apologies are only interesting if they come with jewelry, and I feel like he’s probably giving all of that to his fiancee, not his former flames, no?

Have you had an ex apologize for being a jerk? Did you appreciate his contrition or was it clearly just to absolve his own guilt?


  1. Butterfly79 Said:

    I had an ex apologize for his behavior over 9 years later! I didn’t care that he did or how sincere he was. I was over it many years before. He tried friending me on FB. I advised him that we weren’t even friends when we were dating so why would I be his friend now? He said he totally understood. I get what Adam is doing but the ex will not care.

  2. Queen D. Said:

    I had an ex apologize repeatedly because I was so angry with him. He couldn’t stand up for me and we were even still together a day before his parents asked him to propose to another girl- which he did. He was asking if we could be friends, but i knew that he wanted to feel less guilty, and also to keep his good guy image among the folks we knew. Simply put, he wanted to show everyone he was great and we were okay. I refused to give him the best of both worlds.

  3. Kurly Wurly Said:

    Omg adam stop trying to be the new it guys, just cuz u say sorry it doesnt undo what uve done in the past.

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