Feud Alert: Adrienne Bailon Vs. The Kardashians

Looks like Adrienne Bailon has started a war with Rob Kardashian, and he’s recruiting an army of bitches to back him up. The former Cheetah Girls member–whose only way of staying relevant is by attacking her ex in the media–has unleashed the wrath of Rob’s big sisters Kim and Khloe. Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian scorned…

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To catch you up in case you’re just now tuning in after a vacation-inspired digital detox (that’s what summer is for, after all…), AB did an interview with Latina recently, calling her ex a “disloyal” cheat, adding, “To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was so hurtful to me and to my career.” Really Adrienne? That hurt your career? Kim, take it away…



Oh, snap!

And Khloe jumped right on it, too, tweeting “FDB”–which of course stands for the classiest of phrases, “F— Dat B—-.” Rob retweeted the cryptic message, finally addressing the controversy. And I have a feeling the battle has only begun….

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Do you think Adrienne should just wave her white flag before the Kardashians cause any more damage to her reputation and career, or does she have every right to speak out against the man who wronged her?


  1. danielle Said:

    she has every right to say what she wants, i mean the Kardashians have a reputation that most people dont want. she shouldnt have to deal with them hurting her career just because she decided to give Rob a chance back in the day. which he threw away.
    it was a blessing is disguise for rob to have cheated on her, she shouldn’t have to deal with their fake ass bitchy selves.

  2. Gaby Said:

    By talking about it and going on that’s gonna harm her reputation more, if she still feels down about it she should be talking about it to a psychologist not the media

  3. Seun Said:

    She just opened an old wound if she’s over him then she should move on, no hard feelings

  4. t Said:

    Saying he was disloyal was fair enough, but there really was no need to bring the rest of his family into it, so she really asked for them to fire a few snide remarks back

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