Ariana Grande’s Ex Cheated on Her With a Man?!

What’s worse: finding out your ex cheated on you with another woman? Or finding out you ex cheated on you with a man?! Ariana Grande chooses the latter, and she would know how to feel because it actually happened to her!

Ariana Grande MTV's "Total Ariana Live" On Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

“There is a song called Break Your Heart Right Back which is about a boy that cheats on a girl with another boy,” Ariana said in a recent interview. “It’s one of my favorites on the album and it’s really funny because I believe it has happened to me. I’m not 100% positive but I’m 99.9% positive.”

Ari didn’t mention names, but admitted she’d be relieved if a guy she was dating came out as gay as opposed to cheating on her with another girl. Which makes me wonder… who in her past could this story have been about?

She’s been linked to The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, The Good Wife‘s Graham Phillips, and of course her most recent split, Jai Brooks. Think any of these guys could be the one she’s  talking about? You know how much I love to speculate! Let’s make it happen in the comments below. XOXO


  1. Immy Said:

    it’s probably her ex jordan viscomi who was before jai, or it’s graham

  2. Kimberly Said:

    creo que es Graham Phillips

  3. Anthony Said:

    I would say Graham but only because I have had a crush on him since he was in 13 with her…

  4. Manuel Baptista Said:

    That happen a lot! That’s cool she took it so chill.
    I like her music, is kind of refreshing.

  5. Angelique Said:

    I think it might be Graham Phillips. I highly doubt it’s Jordan, Nathan, or Jai. But who knows lol maybe it’s someone we never even knew she dated.

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