Which Cougar-Wannabe Has a Crush on Zac Efron?

Ugh, darlings. There are two things I can’t stand: people who try to move in on my man Zac Efron, and older women who pretend they’re hot enough to snag a younger guy. So, naturally when I read that Brandi Glanville was talking about how Zac is her “answer for everything,” I crushed my empty champagne flute with my bare hands. No. One. Talks.¬†About. My. Zac. Like. That.

“He was very, very sweet,” Brandi told YourTango in a new interview.¬† “Obviously with his career we had mutual friends, but he is so handsome in person. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, let’s make out.’ But obviously I can’t say that. I kind of feel like a child molester even saying I think he’s cute, because I feel like he’s younger than he is. He’s 25 now so I don’t feel real awkward having a crush on him.”

Um, you should totally feel awkward having a crush on him, Brandi. Especially when Manhattan’s most elite socialite (moi, of course!) will do everything in her power to bring you down. You know you love me, even if you’re a little scared of me. XOXO

Click here to find out the “sexy moment” that had Brandi looking at Zac in a different way.

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