Britney Spears’ X-Factor Freak Out

Spotted: Britney Spears storming off the X-Factor set–again–this time because she couldn’t stand to listen to a man in drag perform her 1999 hit, “(You Drive Me) Crazy.” Spies say that despite the poor soul on stage doing his best to belt out Brit’s less-than-operatic pop song, Spears was “visibly bothered” by his rendition and furiously clomped away.

Shouldn’t Brit realize that her tunes aren’t exactly arias and go easy on those trying to reach star status?

britney spears walks off x-factor set




  1. queenM Said:

    Oh can you please get over yourself honey!
    Xoxo M

  2. ariel_styles Said: really? hes doing you a favor. no one else really wants to listen to your old music anymore.
    you know you love me… A

  3. flirtingwithreality Said:

    She should be flattered that anyone even remembers her music.

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