Does Ed Westwick Have a Twitter Account?

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UPDATE! Ed Westwick does have an official Twitter account now. You can find him at @EdWestwick!

While it would be nice to send love tweets to Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) on Twitter, the actor does not have an official account. He has mentioned in several interviews that he doesn’t use Twitter, and until he changes his mind, he doesn’t have an official presence on the social media platform.

You might be saying to yourself, “But I just had a Twitter convo with him!” While some accounts claim to be our beloved Ed, note that they are all fakes.Twitter has been suspending accounts claiming to be him, however sometimes a few get through the cracks.

What’s the best way to prevent these fake accounts from tricking other fans? Avoid tweeting to them or mentioning them when you talk about Ed on Twitter. Instead use his name without a handle.

Do you want Ed to be on Twitter or do you like that he’s mysteriously not on it? Tell us in a comment below!



  1. Pearliology Said:

    I was fooled then. lol. I don’t mind him not having a twitter, but I think it would be nice for him to jump on the bandwagon once GG is over. So that way we can still feel a connection to him…

  2. sergio31011 Said:

    Who si the name whit Ed westwikc in twitter

  3. jlsvendsen Said:

    How about Face Book? There’s a pretty convincing one on there.

  4. SushiSaggi Said:

    UH, HELL YES! We need him there pronto! KTHXBAI!

  5. lailajoiya Said:

    oh yes please i want him on twitter.

  6. Alyssa Said:

    I just finished the whole gossip girl series I am completely obsessed with Ed. I would love for him to have a twitter because now that I finished it I need something to look forward too. I miss watching him act. And I really would like to meet him. And I need help he’s the best actor ever and meeting him would complete my life. He’s so amzaing and I would really like a way to connect to him. It’s my dream.

  7. Mia Said:

    I love you Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) and Blair Waldorfová :) :-* <3
    I want you twitter :) :/ :D

  8. Mandy Said:

    He should get a twitter\facebook\instagram because with gg over how are we going to continue are obsession?!!!

  9. Miriam Said:


  10. Alina Said:

    He has an Instagram and Facebook. I’m not that sure about Facebook, but for sure Instagram.

  11. Phoebe Said:

    I don’t mind :) I love him anywaysssssssss xoxo

  12. Y Said:

    Well, i think that he shouldnt make a twitter account, but maybe an instagram instead?

  13. charlotte Said:

    he has a twitter and an instagram now ;)

  14. cora Said:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!! XOXO-Cora

  15. Nora Said:

    love him! maybe it doesn’t matter we spend enough time on internet anyway get out there and get in some movies and what now! come on… HE’S Chuck Bass

  16. Manouchehr Said:

    That is fun:)

  17. keira Said:

    he should get twitter

  18. Noora Said:

    I really miss his acting :( , he is really perfect,
    I would like to see him tweets ^_^ it would be a nice thing.

  19. Lola Michel new Said:

    Just spotted on 5th. Av. and who with, no other than ßłäïr wáłdörf!?????

  20. Robyn Oyku Said:

    I’ve just started to follow him :D

  21. Neymar and Chuck Said:

    You know we love you!
    -Neymar and Chuck.

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