Ask Gossip Girl: I’m In A Loveless Romance!

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Dear Gossip Girl,

My husband and I are no longer in love–we are both very young, married young, and had a child young. We are both 22. There’s no hugging, kissing, cuddling, “I love you’s”… NOTHING. It’s pretty much like we’re roommates who sleep in the same bed. Should I stay or should I go? I have tried to talk to him about what’s happening to our relationship and he says he loves me and will try harder, but EVERY TIME, nothing changes. Ever. So idk if I should stay, or if I should leave, and move on so that I can be happy. Because as it is, I’m completely miserable.

–bored-to-death bride

Darling Mrs. Misery,

What’s worse than being in a loveless marriage for, say, three years? Being in one for three years and one day. You’re only 22–life should be unfolding in magical exciting way, not slowing down to a mind-numbing pace. I understand you don’t want to put your child through a divorce, but as everyone in my clique knows, it’s better to have two happy (yet separated) parents than one miserable union. Besides, how can you expect your daughter to someday find her prince if you don’t find your own? Being happy is the best example you can set for your little one, even if it means going through the ick of a split. Besides, I don’t know a single It Girl who doesn’t have at least one starter marriage under her Hermes belt.

If you’ve expressed your concerns to your man and he STILL hasn’t changed, he never will, darling. I’m afraid it’s up to you to seek out your own happiness. So go forth and find true love–life is long, do you really want to spend the next 70 years without passion? Uck, you may as well just live life in flats and mom jeans. Shudder.


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  1. adorable Said:

    How do u ask gossip Girl something ?? It’s really important

  2. Julie M Said:

    You can ask it right here and we’ll make sure she gets it!

  3. Joe Smith Said:

    great show!

  4. Blair W wannabe Said:

    I am engaged but the initial excitement has worn out, in Africa being engaged is not something to take lightly coz our parents have met. I do not want to dishonor them by calling off the union but I am not happy, I cant even Imagine getting intimate with him. his a nice guy, I most likely wont find another like him, so what if I leave him and end up with the wrong sort of guy? I would regret forever, there is no way out for me is their?!

  5. annie Said:

    hey, im not an expet but i say u should stay with that guy…
    its november but i hope im in time!1

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