Is Justin Bieber Going Broke?

If there is a shred of justice in the universe, the latest Justin Bieber rumor will be true. I hear that JB is blowing $1 million per month¬†and will soon be completely broke. Now minions as you can imagine, my monthly expenditures are quite high–daily blowouts, cases of Tattinger on ice, private investigators, etc–but $1,000,000 is a pretty penny, even by my gilded standards.

So what exactly does Jussy spend that insane of a sum on? Well for starters, shopping. I hear that just recently he dropped $70,000 at Neiman Marcus–without ever even going to the store! He used iChat to pick out Givenchy clothes and David Yurman (tacky) jewelry. And obviously he’s blown a ton on strippers and weed, that goes without saying. But don’t count on any shrewd investments saving him–his financial advisors say there isn’t anything left to invest!

justin bieber


“Justin’s financial situation is getting dire,” tattles a Belieber. “His popularity is falling but he’s spending more than ever.”

I hear that if he doesn’t curb the cash flow, he’ll blow through his $160 million fortune by 22!

Can you picture Jussy down and out in just a few short years? And would you pity the poor fellow or would it be sweet revenge?


  1. Asma Said:

    What and idiot -_- he deserves it anyway he’s been wasting too much money on illegal and pathetic stuff he’s not even giving some of it to needy people! What a Sweet Revenge <3 <3

  2. Lila Angelina Golden Said:

    He deserves it. Maybe it will give him a good wakeup call. It would hit him in the head like a rock if he becomes poor. Justin shouldn’t have wasted his money on strippers and weed and whatever other shit he’s been wasting his dirty money on. They should give all his money to people who actually deserve it. People who aren’t spoiled brats and don’t act ghetto for attention.

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