Did Katy Perry Play a Role in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Breakup?

Well, it looks like this Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart breakup is real this time, you guys! My spies saw him moving his things out of her house this weekend, and now everyone is finally starting to whisper the reason for the couple’s split (for what it’s worth, I still believe in the contract).

Turns out, Katy Perry might have been one of the reasons this relationship went kaput. A source told E! News that K.Per “played a role, as one of many reasons” for the split. It’s a little cryptic, but let’s analyze: Katy and Robert have been getting closer — the two were even spotted leaving the Met Gala together. So, maybe there’s something there. Or, Katy is just an amazing friend and told Rob what we all were thinking: Kristen kind of sucks.

Another possible reason for their relationship downfall? Oh, you know, just that little cheating scandal Kristen brought to the table a while ago. Remind me again why Robert even took her back in the first place?

Do you think there’s something more than friendship going on between Katy and Robert? Tell me in a comment below!

rob and katy



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  1. EricaBossLady Said:

    I don’t know but time will tell.

  2. ludka Said:

    Watch the youtube video of kristen steward at met gala in new york when katy perry pinches her ass. she ignores her and her assistant sends katy away. hmmm….

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