Is Kelly Clarkson’s Husband Cheating On Her?

Forget Wrapped In Red, darlings. Kelly Clarkson may be seeing red after she reads the latest reports about her brand new husband–and baby daddy–Brandon Blackstock.

Rumor has it that Brandy boy, who manages musicians like Maroon 5 and Blake Shelton, hasn’t been staying true to his vows (that were taken less than two months ago) and is already cheating on Kelly! That is, if he ever stopped┬ácheating on her…

kelly clarkson brandon blackstock


A shadowy figure wrote into gossip site to admit that she has been cozied up with Brandon for the past five months: “We haven’t slept together but we’ve been intimate in other ways.”

But Kel, who is also expecting her first wee one with Brandon, isn’t fazed.

“This is absolutely absurd,” she fumed on her website. “The woman who posted this fictitious rumor about my husband used to be my personal assistant until I terminated her for trying to steal from me. She even tried to impersonate me by soliciting funds using my name and created a fictitious website. This woman is just out for revenge.”

kelly clarkson brandon blackstock


But just two days later on Dec 4, a presumably separate woman wrote in to admit that she too has been with Brandon…and is pregnant with his baby.

“There was an after party at a club in L.A. after one of Blake [Shelton’s] shows and Brandon was there,” tattled the woman. “We all went back to his hotel room and had more drinks. My friends left but I stayed behind and yes, we had sex that night.”

Apparently, the woman says Brandon didn’t see his romance with Kelly as an obstacle, quipping, “She ain’t gotta know. This kind of thing happens in this business all the time.”

kelly clarkson brandon blackstock


Still though, Kel seems to be standing by her story and her man–for now. But do you believe these wild accusations? Or could Kel and her new hubby just be the victim of a vengeful catfish?


  1. KAREN REX Said:


  2. roberta wilson Said:

    He is a cheater and you should dump him now as he probably will get all of your money. Cut your losses now. Kelly, I mean it.

  3. Caterina Said:

    This is crap. Not until I see a photo of him kissing another girl then I don’t believe it. I hope Kelly has a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. If this person is making this up then she’s a bitch for wat she’s going

  4. Ed Said:

    Kelly, I love you like a daughter. Please let it be just b/s. You deserve the very best.

  5. mary Said:

    Kelly you are going to have a beautiful baby and you don’t need the stress so don’t listen to the things these HO’s have to say because there are always going to be tramps are so unhappy they want to ruin what others have and destroy the happiness others have. Don’t let others destroy what you have. Believe your husband, trust him until he shows he can’t be trusted but I don’t see that happening. Look at your mother in law and how long she has been married to Marvel, so follow your heart.

  6. mary Said:

    That should have been Narvel but it changed because it has words to choose and I didn’t see the change.

  7. SFinSF Said:

    Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are America’s sweethearts. I, like so many others, watched this young lady from Day 1 of “American Idol” — I WOULD NOT MESS with this woman. Her husband may manage some huge country stars and he may think that he’s country royalty — but if he thinks he’s going to screw around on America’s Sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson, and not pay a big fat piper, he’s got another think coming. (And I’m not even a huge country fan — they will KICK HIS ASS)

  8. jessica Said:

    you are beautiful girl and congragulation on being a mommy soon
    you are great singer

  9. Yvonna Said:

    Kelly, I wish you the best. All I can say is that I did not believe it either until it hit me in the fact 15 yrs later. If you have any feeling that he is, confront and find out. Better now than later

  10. Brandy Jean Said:

    Girl….you better get Reba on that!

  11. Sherri Hollinshead Said:

    Kelly, follow your heart sweetie. If you have any reason or feeling that he may be cheating then find out now and confront him. If you absolutely believe and know in your heart that it’s not true, then that should be enough. Do not let other people ruin your happiness. I too have followed you since your appearance on AI. God bless and keep you and your family always…and Happy New Year too :)

  12. lily jhones Said:

    kelly has all ways been my fav if the stories are true then HE dose not deserve HER when i heard this story my heart broke for her:(

  13. Antoine Mofle Said:

    Just simply had to tell you I’m ecstatic that i stumbled onto your webpage!|

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