Selena Gomez Breaks Silence After Time in Rehab

“I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me.”Selena Gomez opened up on Instagram thanking her fans for their support.

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No matter what the real reason is (drugs, heartache, shopping addiction…), Sel appears to be continuing with her mission of R&R while having some quiet time at a lake. An insider source whispered to Billboard that Selena “was burnt out after a relentless year of back-to-back films, concerts, TV, touring and all the promotional work that goes along with it. She needed a break.” Apparently her team called her two-week stay at Dawn at the Meadows “Project Wellness,” and people close to her are still insisting it had little to do with substance abuse issues.

“She’s not that girl,” the insider said. “Does she party and have the occasional joint? Yes. Does she drink when she goes out? Yes. But she’s not struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. I’ve never seen her out of control. There’s no needle dangling out of her arm.”

I’ve heard a lot of different rumors about this, as I’m sure you have. What do you think, minions? With two conflicting sides of a statement, there’s always a truth and a lie. Which one is your money on? XOXO


  1. Lord411 Said:

    Like most things GG I like to believe there are two kinds of news; the truth surrounded by lies or a lie surrounded by truth. I think both sides of her story are partially true yet other also hold a kernel of wisdom, my thoughts are that she really is burnt out from everything in her life professionally, combined with a certain negative influence which is likely to be exported to the great white north. Ultimately only she, and likely you, know the truth. It’ll be up to her, or you, to reveal it.

  2. N Said:

    I think it was smart of her to get help when she felt she needed it instead of it being too late


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