WTF Alert: Taylor Swift’s Swimming Stalker!

Spotted: Rhode Island police hauling away a crazy–and soaking wet–stalker who tried to swim up to Taylor Swift’s new $17 million beachfront mansion.

taylor swift harkness house


Apparently the 22-year-old Chicago creep had every intention of waltzing out of the ocean and into Taylor’s life but changed his mind once he saw her security team patrolling the beach. But police arrested him anyway because, well, he’s ridiculous.

Scary, no? But it’s just too bad that her boyfriends don’t go to such lengths to see her….XOXO.

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  1. Mirandabelle Said:

    Damn. She attracks the cray cray fans… that says something about her now doesn’t it.

  2. Megan Said:


  3. Joi Stark Said:

    i bet she’d do exactly this thing to stalk on her boyfriend, if she had one, ahaha.

  4. ggada Said:

    love Tay ♥

  5. sass Said:

    LOOK out for the full story and details in her next hit single The Swimming Stalker!

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