WTF Alert: Liam Hemsworth is Secretly Dating January Jones!

After her awful outfit earlier this week, I’m afraid things aren’t getting any better forMiley Cyrus. Apparently her ex-ish fiance Liam Hemsworth has been dating Mad Men star/terrible person January Jones in secret for weeks!



“Liam is at January’s house all the time,” an insider tells Star magazine. “He brings her favorite wine, and they hook up. They have date nights in — they never go out because they want to keep it a secret.”

True, Star mag isn’t always the truest gossip, but I happen to know the identity of this insider and trust me loves, this tale is true.

So what does MC say about this undercover romance? She is hoping that this is just a phase and is in deep denial, desperate to make the romance work and make it down the aisle.

Between January (a frigid homewrecker) and Miley (an entitled hillbilly) Liam seems to be in a no-win situation, n’est ce pas? Which starlet should LH choose, darlings? Or should he dump them both and start over altogether?


  1. Marie Said:

    I can understand how even stars would want some privacy – maybe especially concerning a broken engagement, but Liam Hemsworth just lost a lot of points in my book by basically cheating on Miley Cyrus. If you feel like dating someone else, I really don’t think there’s that much of a relationship to solve and work on anymore. I haven’t really approved of Miley’s behavior lately, but out of them all, she seems to have to higher moral ground, to be honest.

  2. maddie Said:

    Team Miley all the way! I think that they are so cute together and need to get married!!

  3. jackie Said:

    oh geez.. you can’t trust Star Magazine.. they are bogus.

  4. Alice Said:

    he should dump miley already, she’s a mess… and that hair! he should date me, definitely.

  5. Regina Said:

    Despite my lack of fanaticism for Miley, I feel nothing but pity for her. Well, I guess “Too young, to dumb” can be true sometimes. At this age, we all know they would make mistakes regarding relationships.

    But don’t worry, MC. It’s obvious that here, JJ is losing this game. The nanny (JJ), the baby (LH) and the princess (MC). Better luck next, i have no doubt that you, my deat, can get someone much better that down under xxx

  6. Kalyn Said:

    I think he needs to drop them both. January is 12 years older than him. And Miley looks like Draco Malfoy, not that it’s a bad thing(he is super sexy), but she is a girl, so it isn’t so great for her.

  7. Kim Said:

    yuck, i mean miley isn’t all cute lately but this chick beside gorgeous liam? gotta be kidding me, she’s way too ugly.

  8. Yass Said:

    If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Miley. But I still think he should ingle for a while. I really don’t understand how stars can change so quickly, it’s like, what they felt, even if they felt it just two days ago, it doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t get it, I really don’t.

  9. Allysa Tamarinda Said:

    Ayun Makita c Kuya Nikko LOVE 2 1!

    XOXO Gossip Girl

  10. Mary Said:

    Yes, I’m team Miley too but he’s acting like a total douchebag. She’s 20 years old, she’ll find someone better. He’s cheating on her. She needs to call off the wedding cause she don’t deserve things like that. It really makes me sad cause they’re by far the best couple. But I don’t know how is she doing with all this gossip (and I don’t know cause maybe this is true) and he haven’t visited her in days maybe months but this is heartbreaking for me and this have to be heartbreaking for her.

  11. Nicole Said:

    Liam is a nobody, he doesn’t deserve either of them. Miley is insanely hot and way out of his league. Furthermore, I don’t understand people who cheat in the first place. If you don’t want to be with someone, break up, it’s really very simple. Grow up dude.

  12. vmg Said:

    why is everyone saying such hateful mean stuff about January Jones? Get off homegirls ass already…. if and i mean IF, its not like STAR magazine is reputable anymore anymore, but IF boring ass Liam wants to leave Miley then he can. they are too young anyway… just my opinion! but my god, not like anyone has a good one anyone these days huh? Bieber can suck it, along with Nicki, and Kim and Kanye…. these are not Celebreties…. they bought their fame…. you all are just sheep… bahhhh…

  13. ak Said:

    well both girls should dump him. he’s a two-timing whore…

  14. Hmingsangi Said:

    I think Liam should stick with Miley!!

  15. Ivy Said:

    January Jones should quit being a home-wrecker already!!! I am not a big fan of Miley but she is still a wayyyyy better person than January, after all her style and attitude are only hurting her unlike January who is a selfish …. (fill in the blanks!)

  16. Linda Said:

    Team Liam/January all the way. If Miley had any brains she would dump him. So who care about a dump stupid bald headed hick.

  17. Blair Said:

    Just dump them both and get on with your life. Like GG said your in a no-win situation!

  18. thecutest Said:

    I’m actually sad for Miley. She’s really young and he’s scarring her for life. I know that sounds melodramatic, but what guys do to girls at that age can jack them up for years to come. So, that’s not cool. However, I’m not mad at Liam for upgrading to a cool single, 30-something mom. January Jones is kind of a ‘ho, but she’s a brand. Miley is merely a re-brand in the making.

    Miley should hook up with Pharrell. I want him for myself, but that would be a hot duo and would give her ACTUAL cred.

  19. knob Said:

    You people are so fxxxing stupid.

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