Drool Faceoff: Zac Efron vs Dave Franco

Life is full of tough choices darlings: Giuseppes or Loubs? Marchesa or Balmain? Aspen or Gstaad? But today I present to you perhaps the most difficult decision of all: Zac Efron or Dave Franco?!

I spied the Neighbors costars at the premiere of their movie last night, and I honestly couldn’t decide which one to look at first. Let’s take a look at the gents, shall we?

zac efron dave franco World premiere of 'Neighbors'


As you know, Zac has had my heart for the better part of a decade, but lately his strange indiscretions (like that icky Skid Row business) and rumors that he has some whateverish girlfriend Halston Sage (I just cannot with that ridiculous name) have somewhat dampened my ardor for Z.

But just look at him! You cannot deny that he looks far more comfortable on the red carpet than Dave does. But while Dave doesn’t quite have the Zefron swagger (yet), I am totally smitten with his face, his humor, his body and his body. It’s so nice I had to mention it twice, can you blame me?

Alas, since I’ve had something in the past with James, I suppose Dave and I can never be. Looks like I’m stuck lusting after you then, Z. You know you love me…XOXO.


  1. Lindsay Said:

    Zac efron ofc

  2. Thoman Said:

    Zac Efron absolutely

  3. FIRE Said:

    DAVE FRANCO for me! :)

  4. Sophie Said:

    Dave Franco, no doubt! He’s just gorgeous! **,

  5. Ν Said:

    Zac Efron <3

  6. Coco Said:

    DAVE :D

  7. Phyllis Said:

    Zac Efron, Dave needs to learn how to relax a little. His smile looks so stiff and fake so, I’m not feeling it.

  8. E Said:


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